Friday, November 19, 2010

Just the way I remember her..

Maybe this sketch not even close to how she really look, but this is just she is as the way I remember her:

With that smile,that veil,that shirt,that bag, that expression.Not even close I see..heh.But this is the best I could make.This so called 'Madihah' to me, asked me once to sketch caricature for her whole batch. I have to say that I'm not that good, I see. So,the only that I could make is yours la 'Cik Madihah'~

It's not that I'm trapped in my past. It's just that upcoming things make me really, badly, truly miss you la sis. But I know Allah is looking, hearing and will always near. So I have to be a better servant, BETTER in all sorts of way...

~Walking down the green lane, the paradise, I wish could be mine~

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