Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Slightest Clue...

Always the right time,when i found something truly amusing to happen. Have no slightest clue...(quoted from Yukawa sensei,the"Galileo")

But Allah is always the best.He heals what bleeds.Anger is always wrong.The devils are always wrong too.Cause anger kills rational mind.Feels bad, acts bad, and response badly when anger is around.

There's no one's faults but it makes things seem so.No wonder the Prophet S.A.W repeated three times "La Taghdhab, La Taghdhab, La Taghdhab." The words from wahyu,that Allah sent to him through Jibreel A.S. Simply a truly reminder for a muslim to get hold with. I'm sorry- I should say to Allah. And to people around me that i treat badly. I owe you apologize for things I've done wrong.

O' my Prophet, I wish I could get hold to your practice.Being patience, kind, and strong. For what I've done wrong, I wish for forgiveness.Though I happened to do it again and again. I wish I did not. Grant me my wish ya Allah.Prepare me stronger soul that I would not disobey you or hurt people around me again with such attitude.To You I raise my hands to, for You whom Hear and Give forgiveness..

>>after "Galileo",3:42pm,18/11/10<<

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